When to comes to ‘sex based’ video games there are a lot of free or cheap flash games that are rather crude and basic to say the least. I get bored with those online x-rated games very fast… often faster than they load. Our adult game of choice is Sexvilla which is far more sophisticated. Players in the game have so many options and are free to create their own characters to play with (or just let them play with each other).

in game screen shot

These two pictures from the game shows a typical segment of the game. The player has created a beautiful female character and also a male. Does the male character represent him? Probably, but you never know. He might like to watch. The girl could be his wife/girlfriend and the guy could be anyone (best friend, neighbor etc).

He picks out some sexy lingerie for her and they head off to one of the many gorgeous fantasy locations in the game. Now they are alone and the player is free to explore all the options for their love making session. This is another area where Sexvilla shines and frankly takes a large dump all over other sex games. The types of sex, positions can be chosen by the gamer, rather than a ‘basic click the same button over and over again really fast to fuck’.

sex in weird positions

The pictures show just a couple positions these two got themselves into. No doubt they had more fun than we can show but it gives you an idea of what is possible.

I know a lot of guys will make character that look remarkably like girls they wanna bang in real life and fantasize through the game. I’ve done this myself and it’s a lot of fun banging your smoking hot MILF neighbor or the little hottie that works at the mall, even if it is only virtual.

It really is great game. It’s more than just a ‘porn or sex game’ and if you try it we are sure you’ll agree. Get a free demo and give it a go.

Whenever I browse the screenshots that fellow Sexvilla players share via their forum I am always entertained and gets some ideas of my own. I have seen some outrageously funny, kinky and down right weird sex acts occur within this adult video game.

sex with police

A recent one that made me smile was a specific scenario one player had created. Two cops (a male and a female) interrogate their sexy blonde perpetrator. Things soon turn sexual as they strip her naked and push her onto the desk. The male office fucks her right on the desk in front of his hot female partner who seems to be getting turned on.

two females one male sex

What will happen next??? That is the beauty of the Sexvilla software. The player if free to do what he likes with his creations.

Want to play it for yourself? Visit the Sexvilla website to download a free demo version of the game. If you like it get the full game and then really let your dirty little mind run riot!

The prospect of a threesome is enough to bring a smile to any mans face… provided the girls in question are attractive of course. What if I were to tell you you could have a steamy threesome with any two girls you want?

threesome sex

Maybe a couple of coworkers float your boat and you fantasize about them making out and then double teaming you. Or the hot girl across the street and her best friend might have teased your cock one two many times and now you want to fuck them both hard. Maybe you just wanna be the meat in a lesbian sandwich? In any case it’s all possible in the Sexvilla adult video game.

two chicks at the same time

These are screenshots shared by fellow players of Sexvilla and shared via their strong online community. The developers put a lot of work into continuing to add new stuff and refine the most sophisticated ‘porn game’ available at the moment. Grab the demo from their site and have a fiddle! :)

Good Lord what a way to spend a nice day huh? This lucky is out on his yacht on a glorious stretch of ocean with two gorgeous girls all to himself. Is this every mans fantasy? It’s one of mine I can tell you! The two redheads take turns riding his dick and mouth and have their tongues down one another’s throat while it’s happening.

3 way sex

This is the beauty of the Sexvilla adult software. You can make your fantasies ‘come to life’ virtually in game. Create your own characters complete with (or without) sexy outfits and take them to one of the rich fantasy locations and have fun!

Download the FREE demo!

I’ve always wanted to do two chicks at the same time. Hell I am pretty sure most guys would. It’s one of those elusive things to many of us. Lets face it unless you are a bit of a looker, loaded or pay a couple of escorts that sort of thing is very hard to swing.

virtual threesome

You’ll be pleased to know that you can live out your threesome fantasies virtually. The Sexvilla 2 adult game makes banging multiple chicks (or guys or shemales if you like) at once. Check out a couple of pics of the hot orgies this player created.

game sex

I think I’m gonna give this a go tonight. There’s a couple of hotties that I’d love to do together and it ain’t gonna happen for real. I’ll just create a digital avatar of them as close as I can, and believe me you can get them pretty accurate if you spend some time with the character creature, and then take them to a nice location and have my way with both of them

Play for yourself by downloading the demo at Sexvilla.

We’ve got a couple of pics for you today from a fellow Sexvilla 2 player. He shared some screen shots of a hot teacher and student sex fantasy he created. Clearly he is the teacher and he has kept two of the hottest female students back for a very special detention.

teacher student fantasy

Things in his schoolroom heat up quickly and he orders the naughty girls to strip out of their uniforms. He gets naked too and his schoolroom sex fantasy comes to life as they both set about pleasuring him with their tongues, mouths and… ahem… other areas!

schoolroom sex

With this adult video game your imagination is about the only limit. You can create all sorts of characters and there are tonnes of locations, outfits, props etc to chose from. Go to the Sexvilla 2 site for more info, trailer and a free demo version.

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